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जागो सोनेवालो… SPREAD IT, PLZ

एक छोटा सा सस्ता सरकारी पोस्टकार्ड उठाइए. उसमे अपने “महानुभाव” प्रधानमंत्री और बाकी नेताओ के संबोधन पर इतना लिखे: “Get Well Soon, Mamu”. उसे

संसद भवन, Delhi

या फिर

The Prime Minister’s Office

South Block, Raisina Hill,

New Delhi,

India-110 101.

Telephone: 91-11-23012312.

Fax: 91-11-23019545 / 91-11-23016857.

के नाम पर भेजे. उन्हें शिकायत अनशन या फिर जनता की भीड़ के लिए है. पर अपना विरोध जताने के लिए सिर्फ अनशन या रैली ही एक रास्ता थोडा न है? तो चलो फिर एक “टेढ़ा-मेडा ” लोकतान्त्रिक रास्ता ही अपनाया जाए इन Un-Lucky Singh & Company की अककल सही ठिकाने पे लाने के लिए.गालियाँ न लिखे ये. सिर्फ भ्रष्टाचार के खिलाफ खड़े भारत की ताकत दिखने की कोशिश है. इसे राजकीय स्वरुप न दे. उनके जो भी “चमचे” आपको मिले या दिखे, उन्हें भी यही SMS/ Tweet/ Post/ Mail करें. ALL THE BEST.

तो ‘गुरु’ हो जा ‘शुरू’.

जय वसावड़ा (


It is not necessary to go on fasting to support Anna, you can do it in some simple ways also, like the following:

“Take a simple government postcard. On that write down “Get Well Soon Mamu !” and send it to Prime Minister (c/o parliament house, new Delhi) and his colleagues.

The Prime Minister’s Office

South Block, Raisina Hill,

New Delhi,

India-110 101.

Telephone: 91-11-23012312.

Fax: 91-11-23019545 / 91-11-23016857.

The corrupt government has problem against fasting and crowd i right? Its not compulsory to do fast to oppose corruption. we can show them that we, the people of India are united and dislike their endless corruption and shameless cover up strongly. Common, let this Un-lucky Singh & co. face the reality through innovative democratic ways. Also do same to the pseudo-know it all-scholars who make a joke of common man’s cry or manipulate the truth by creating false debates. identify them n sms / mail / msg / tweet / post on FB wall the same text.. regularly. unanimously. without abuse.

Guru, ho ja shuru

jay vasavada (

એક સાદું સસ્તું સરકારી પોસ્ટકાર્ડ ઉઠાવો. એમાં વડાપ્રધાન અને એમના સાથીઓને સંબોધી આટલું લખો GET WELL SOON, MAMU ! અને સંસદ ભવન, દિલ્હીના સરનામે સહી કરી પોસ્ટ કરો. વાંધો તો ઉપવાસ કે ટોળાં સામે ટેકનીકલી છે ને! વિરોધ કરવા માટે ઉપવાસ કરવા કૈં ફરજીયાત નથી. ચાલો, અવનવા લોકશાહી નુસખા શરુ કરીએ આ અનલકીસિંઘ એન્ડ કંપનીની ની સાન ઠેકાણે લાવવાના..એમના જે કોઈ બૌદ્ધિક વિતંડાવાદ ઉભો કરનારા મળતિયા લાગે એમને ય આ જ એસ.એમ.એસ. / ટ્વિટ / પોસ્ટ / મેઈલ મોકલવાનો. જે કોઈ દોઢડાહ્યા લાગે એમને ય મોકલો. ગાળો નથી લખવાની. એમના પાગલપનની આપણને ખબર છે , ને આપણી સંખ્યા નાની નથી એનો અહેસાસ કરવવાનો છે પુરા વિવેકથી.
The Prime Minister’s Office

South Block, Raisina Hill,

New Delhi,

India-110 101.

Telephone: 91-11-23012312.

Fax: 91-11-23019545 / 91-11-23016857.

આ ભ્રષ્ટાચાર વિરોધી આંદોલનમાં અન્ના જ નહિ સેંકડો નિર્દોષોના અધિકારોના દમનનો શાંત સભ્ય પ્રતિકાર છે. આને રાજકારણ કે વ્યક્તિગત લાભાલાભ સાથે ના જોડશ આનાથી શું ફરક પડશે એવું વિચારવાથી કશો જ ફરક નહિ પડે, પણ જો આ એકસાથે આપણે તમામ આઝાદ ભારતના પ્રેમીજનો કરી શકીશું, તો ઘેરબેઠા એક પ્રચંડ જયઘોષ ઉભો કરી શકીશું. એક નાનકડો સાવ સોંઘો પ્રયાસ આપણે ના કરી શકીએ, આપણું જ લૂંટીને મોંઘવારી ભેટ આપનારાઓ સામે? પ્લીઝ.

ગુરૂ હો જા શુરુ.

જય વસાવડા (

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Q & A with JV – 1

I have started my journey of social networking as ‘netizen’ on orkut couple of years ago. My orkut community (created by vipul) still holds special place in my heart for various personal reasons, too.  Many so called ‘hot’ issues had been discussed in detail over there, it was learn with fun. I cherish those memories more as unlike facebook, it was generally unpolluted interaction with normal readers from various places and background. 🙂

in orkut ‘era’ , i had initiated many threads. One of them was ‘Q & A with JV’.- circa 2008-2009. Where anyone can ask me ANY question to me in his or her mind. It can be philosophical to humorous. It could be on my work, life, passions, articles, attitude, hobbies and current affairs- ANYthing under the sky. (With basic courtesy intact, of course: P ) I am spending time on net not for just show off, but for genuine interaction with my readers, listeners, lovers n yes, yes..Critics too. 🙂

here on planetjv , i am reviving that beautiful experience of two –way communication. I am trying some of the questions asked to me and my replies to them on orkut thread then. Here are some samples to you. In future will try to put more from that thread and also try to answer many unanswered questions there.

Buddies, feel free to ask me. Kindly avoid repetitive questions please. So please keep a track of posts under ‘interaction’ category and my write-ups as well. Please be specific on question-of which genuine curiosity is the prime concern to me. Unless its really required, don’t elaborate question too long and try to limit maximum 2 questions at a time please. You can ask in GUJARATI or HINDI or ENGLISH; Whatever is comfortable to you. I shall answer in my natural ’khichadi’ language 😀 Funny questions are always welcome, but silly questions as always will be treated with my now famous (or infamous?) typical trademark be aware..but don’t beware 😉

now the question that i would like to ask you. I am not avid blogger or cyber-knight: P so, how can you send questions to keep the ball rolling? You can suggest me in comments. Is there any solution where you can put the questions on page and i can answer? If not. Let’s do it in simple way. PUT YOUR QUESTIONS UNDER COMMENTS HERE. Trust me- it will not be thrown in trash. But please tolerate me – as always i don’t find time to answer of selected questions quickly. have patience.

PLANETJV  is getting  around 1300+ hits in a day sometimes! A significant landmark for a regional language author that too in Gujarat-i guess. It’s not because of me, but because of your sincere love for me and my work. Thank you all. Hope to meet with your expectations with my best efforts and wish you all the very best and happy moments in life. sorry, sometimes i can’t reply all your comments, but i do read them all without fail.

so….here is first lot of Q & A with JV.

*Vimal : What is more powerful LUCK or HARD WORK ? explain it (not in only two words) .dont say ‘LUCK’ , dont say  ‘HARD WORK’ (and I am not in 10th or 12th std. student so dont think on suiside…)

 JV : hardwork blessed with luck ( its more than 3 words 😀 )

* Barkha : Wat wud u advice or do if ur daughter ( just assume huh..) being proposed by 1 of her classmate to go out for date. (she is just 15 yrs. old )

JV : she wil not seek my advice then 😉 [if i assume future after say 17-18 yrs 😛 ]

*Minal : What’s the fair argument towards as being ‘Vegetarian’? { I think u’re vegetarian 😛 } not the regular one as ” being  ahinsak”

JV : ya, i’m b honest eggetarian when out

sm scientists says dat our digestive system is more comfortable wth ‘animal fat’ i.e. non veg food…sm says our teeth is more likely to have veg food. its never ending story n v hav to accept co-existence of both type of ppl to keep check on reserve of food. both hav pros n cons…n ideally its matter of choice, situation n habit rather den religion n moral.

in lighter way, my close frnd n family doc – a gr8 doc n gem of a person dr. chirag matravadiya says dat v gujarati ppl eat more oil equivalent to meat !

simplest argument-which worked for many celebrities too is to think abt poor birds n animals which r cut down wth cruelty….a sight of dat scene surely disturb any sensitive being. v generally dont see how tasty non veg food is prepared, while eating it on table. ( dat applies to any hotel food too )

ideally, d message must b on d target n subtle. nt over d top like desi jivdaya zumbesh. u can find sm nice quotes frm ‘peta’ posters.

*Aakanksha :1)What is difference between ‘having sex’ & ‘making love’ (I think both r same…?)

2) What is Love & what is lust? What is true love?

3) What is commitment in relationship??

JV : all ur questions r answered by me in my various article on love n relationship..

 even though just in brief..(stree o mate hu etlo paxpati to kharo )

 [1] yes, both r same..but generally it has been believed that ‘making love’ is female perception of d act n ‘having sex’ is male perception of it …as female generally give 1st priority of feelings n man …well, another word starting by F its nt thumb rule. its true man like to hav gr8 bedroom pleasure, bt dey r very sensitive creatures too…n smtimes woman more stable in emotions.

 ‘making love’ is strictly wth sm1 u love deeply..close GF-BF or husband-wife or committed persons..having sex is bohemian attitude..wth anyone, anytime..

 well, sex itself is very interesting word ( ya word, abt act of course ) as ebvry1 on planet understands what it means bt it has no meaning at all except referring gender !

 [2] well, when u want to HAVE smthing constantly driven by desire n passion…its LUST.

&..when u want to GIVE smthing constantly driven by care n trust….its LOVE.

 mind well, love n lust r interwoven…inseparable in context of ‘male’ n ‘female’..n love is much more tough n complicated then poor beggar lust 😛

 [3] commitment is a moral (in marriage also legal) responsibility towards the partner-enriched by mutual trust, respect n of course joy of magical attraction. it cant b shld come frm within (then n then der r less chances of breaking it frivolously)

 in 2day’s era, i believe it must b viewed in larger context i.e. smtimes due to unavoidable situation it may stand on shaky ground temporarily. bt one must pursue overall long term picture of dat n think what he/she shld practically hav done in similar situation- rather then just enforcing moral preaching of idealism.

*Bhumika : 1 serious question… what do u think @ adopting a child… does it make relations complicated? specially when a family has 1 child of their own and then adopts a child, does that makes family relations complex? or it can work out with some efforts? its advisable from ur viewpoint or not?

JV : if both d children r young ones it’s easy to nurture dem..der may b sm future complications practically regarding ‘jaydad ka batwara’ type controversies bt if parents hav maturity n foresight it can b easily taken care of. Actually, in india adoption is taboo..While its fav celebrity hobby in developed countries as dey think its der moral duty to support a child by giving family warmth after bein well off materialistically. smtimes adoption can b dne wth clear demarcation line as..real child holds family heir position n adopted one aware as he has given social security (like saleem khan adopted a girl called arpita)…but in any case, economic stability is must.

* Mehnaz : Who is your favourite philosopher / whose work you like to read.

 JV : fvr8 philosopher..hmmm…rajneesh..all-in-one u know! 😉

*Vimal : Tame Rajkot ni Dhamsania college ma hata (BBA ma kadacha) tyare hu te j college ma hato (Bcom) tyare tamara price nu list notice board par mukatu hatu. Atyare pan tame ghana prices medvo cho. E vu kyu price che je tame medvava mago cho ? (pls be serious)

JV : a prize catch of beautiful girl’s dutyful heart ..(n i’m seriously funny abt it 😉 )

baki simple materialistic prizes ma jeni prize money highest hoy te..(n i’m damn serious abt it 😛 )

*Dhrumal : Any incident in professional life/career(in teaching profession or as columnist) where you had a strong ideological difference with those who are senior policy/decision maker (and have power/influence) & you are left with either to compromise with your ideology or to “Quit” & which option you chose?

JV : yes, i hav left my job as  young n successful principal .. a safe, legally protected, pensionable job on basis of strong ideological diffences n took dat decision within 10 seconds n implimented it within 24 hrs was easy as i was knowin n analysed much before dat if day wil wud b d right thing to do/..ema josh ni sathe hosh pan hatu.

* Nehal : તમે ક્યારેય રાઈટર્સ બ્લૉકનો અનુભવ કર્યો છે? જો હા, તો એવી સ્થિતિ કેટલો વખત રહે? એમાંથી બહાર આવવા શું કરો?
કે પછી રાઈટર્સ બ્લૉક માત્ર ફિક્શનના લેખકોને લાગુ પડે?

JV : koi pan creative person block no anubhav to kare j..pa6i fiction-non fiction to shu writer pan na hoy to y..

genarrlly e 2 rite aave evu anubhavyu 6e..koi concept already etlo nichovai gayo hoy ke navu kashu suze nahi ne bahar najar doaovvi pade e dur karva..athva persona;l life ma kashi guchvan hoy ne mind blank thai jay..

personally,e dur karva hu lakhu 6u..fikku mechenical lage pan bandh kari do to block vadhe baki thodi dheeraj…jab sawera hone ko hota hai tab raat sab se jyada kaali hoti hai ..inshallah! 

* Riyaz : how do u select the subjects for column?

JV :many many things..smtimes topic just flashed..smtimes sm frnd suggests it..smtimes frm experinces…smtimes i get inspired while reading/observing/listening/watching…baki koi fixed criterias banvya j nathi..genarlly..which i cud enjoy writing, interesting to readers..bas. 🙂

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